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China First Pencil Co. LTD.

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Chung Hwa Drawing 101 6B

Chung Hwa 118 2B (2)

Chung Hwa 6051 drawing pencil

Chung Hwa 6051 (4)

Chung Hwa 6151

Chung Hwa 6181 HB

Chung Hwa 6051 drawing pencil

“Chung Hwa” 6300

Chung Hwa 6051 drawing pencil

Great Wall 3544 - HB

Chung Hwa 6051 drawing pencil

Unknown? 333


About China First Pencil Co. LTD.

Founded: 1935

Corporate headquarters: China

Cool fact: In 1935, China Standard Home Product Pencil Co., Ltd, the first omnipotent pencil enterprise of China, was established in Shanghai. In 1954 was renamed China No.1 Pencil Factory. After experiencing trails, hardships and flourishing over half of a century, China No.1 Pencil Factory was reformed into China First Pencil Co., Ltd, a joint-stock enterprise. At present, China First Pencil Co., Ltd products and sales stationeries of such as graphite pencil, color pencil and adjustable pencil marking with the brands of \\\\\\\"Chunghwa\\\\\\\" or \\\\\\\"Great Wall\\\\\\\"

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