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Blackwing Volumes 42

Brand: Palomino

Made in: Japan

Aug. 2019: The 18th release in Volumes series the Blackwing 42 Jackie Robinson..........You set the world on fire!  The Blackwing 42 is a tribute to Jackie Robinson and those who pursue their passions, creative or otherwise, regardless of the obstacles in their way. It features our balanced graphite, a blue imprint and eraser, road gray ferrule, and iconic red 42.


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About Palomino

Palomino Brands is a division of California Cedar Products Company, which produces CalCedar® and other types of wood slats for pencil manufacturers around the world. California Republic Stationer pencils were first produced beginning in 2003, and in 2012 the company began a transition to Palomino Brands for all new production.