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A classic Mongol colored pencil.  This time in the rather becoming Heliotrope.

Need to try a copying pencil!

Another variation of the 482…..big fan of the harder lead.  NOTE:  Single model shown is available for purchase.

484 is much harder to find than the Mongol 482.

Little Mongol pencil with the “Clamp” Protector.  Shown in a catalog with a model number 1584, but mine does not have the model number.  Also pictures is a 1582 Mongol blotter.  You don’t see many if any of these.

Interesting tri Mongol made in the Phillipines. This is a larger diameter than the standard pencil.

Rare WWII-era Mongol Copying with plastic cap.

This is one of the harder to find Mongol Copying.

Another rare Mongol Copying with plastic end piece.