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Three generations of the hard-to-find Tic 1370. Top model is pre-WWII, middle model is WWII edition and the bottom model is post-WWII.

Rare First Edition (or very close to first) Tic. 1389. Number reflects the original numbering system used.

Pure as New York snow….been searching for the white version of the modern Tic for sometime now…finally!  Hecho in Mexico!  Vendido en Mexico!

Three variations of the Woodgrain 1388/13912. I no longer have the middle model available so it is now buy two get a free sticker.  NOTE: The top and bottom models are available for purchase as a pair.  You may also request to receive two of the same design….just ask!

What is this….B soft?  Ok, so starting when the Tic model number changed to 1388 I’ve got some No.2 pencils marked soft….but no 1386’s marked soft.  Original box holds 10 pencils.  Chalk this up for those crazy Canadians. 

The Ticonderoga Millennium from 2000 was made for only a little while before Dixon changed the name to Ticonderoga Black.

Nice variety of the post WWII era Ticonderoga pencils.  The oldest 1388 is marked Leadfast and is really hard to come by in good condition.

Great span of the ultra rare Tic 1370’s. Pre WWII, WWII era & Post WWII ferrules. The box below belongs to the WWII era pencil in the middle.

Truly a million-to-one Ticonderoga 1370 compared with the hex model 1386. There is also a “50th Anniversary of the quietest pencil in the world – now with new Marvelead” emblem on the side of this box.