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Another BNP exclusive hackwing.  I received a number of these and unfortuantely most of them had a rusty ferrule.  See Black Warrior for one in good original condition.  Of course consider one of my hacks and let me know if you want a black ferrule or a gold ferrule.

The softest and darkest of the Black Warriors. Rare find!

Two variations of the famous Black Warrior.

Unfortunately many of the batch had rusted ferrules….just a few here to be sold….now sold out!  However I have decided to create another BNP exclusive hackwing.  Please check them out here for an upgrade look and feel.

The Black Warrior was one of the first pencils to catch my eye as a middle schooler in Olney, Maryland, in the early 1980s. Always a safe bet for a pencil fight! These of course are the older Black Warrior models with the Eagle imprint (as opposed to the newer pencils marked with Berol).


Nice variety of the Berol Warrior.

Two variations of the darkest of the dark Black Warrior’s, the No.1.

My favorite pencil and the one that started it all.

OMG~ The WWII is a pencil dream come true. Always imagined there would be a WWII model but never seen one ever….until now!  NOTE: The bottom model is available for purchase here.

The hardest of the Black Warrior!

Rare! Unlike the most common round Black Warrior 372, this Black Warrior 373 is hexagon.