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Lovely Black Turquoise Prismacolor here!

Turquoise with ferrule.

Nice variety of Turquoise H drawing pencils.  The top lefty and the 2nd from the top righty share the old logo.  NOTE: The 2nd from the top Turquoise is available for purchase.

Another lefty 3H Turquoise drawing pencil. This one has the larger Eagle logo.  NOTE:  The 3rd lefty from the top is available for purchase here.

Fairly common vintage Berol drawing pencil currently made with the Prismacolor branding.

A very unique Turquoise Copying. I’ve only ever sceen the round version made in the USA. This is a hex shaped made in Canada. This pencil also resembles the latter Turquoise drawing pencil in both color, style and metal cap.

Three variations of the Turquoise with ferrule. The Canadian model is the oldest.

A nice variety of Turquoise drawing pencils in the B range. NOTE: The bottom Turquoise model is available for purchase.

Looks to be the last version of the Turquoise before the Berol label appeared. In fact, I have a one like this model with Berol slightly etched into the wood….let the transition begin!