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Blackwing X Robert Brighton

Brand: Palomino

Made in: USA

This special Blackwing x Robert Brighton edition features a violet eraser (the color of Sarah’s eyes), a gold ferrule (for the novels’ Gilded Age setting), and a barrel imprint derived from the Victorian marbled papers used in fine bookbinding. A firm, balanced graphite formula—ready for hours of note-taking, novel-writing, or crime-solving—makes this the perfect writer’s pencil.

Before writing the series’ debut, The Unsealing, Robert Brighton spent four years researching the period to create an immersive, authentic experience of the real Gilded Age . . . taking all of his notes with Blackwing pencils and in Blackwing notebooks.

Robert Brighton’s award-winning Gilded Age novels—the Avenging Angel Detective Agency™ Mysteries—plunge readers into the turbulent years of the early 1900s. In each volume, intrepid society sleuth Sarah Payne and her Avenging Angels confront danger, dig into unsolved crimes, match wits with corrupt officials—and indulge their own simmering personal passions.

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About Palomino

Palomino Brands was at one time a division of California Cedar Products Company, which produces CalCedar® and other types of wood slats for pencil manufacturers around the world. California Republic Stationer pencils were first produced beginning in 2003, and in 2012 the company began a transition to Palomino Brands for all new production.

Today, the company no longer uses the Palomino brand name, and instead has put all of its chips on Black(wing). Every three months a new Blackwing Volumes limited edition pencil is introduced.

Where are Blackwing pencils made? The pencils start with American cedar from trees harvested in California and Oregon. The wooden slats are then sent to Japan for graphite production and barrel finishing. Meanwhile, the ferrules and erasers are produced in Vietnam. Everything is shipped back to Blackwing’s headquarters in Stockton, California for final assembly and packaging.

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