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Blackwing Volumes Adjustable Eraser Pencils

Who’s No.1? Here’s Every Blackwing Volumes Pencil Ranked By Rarity

A new, limited edition pencil is released every 3 months. But some of the older Volumes are downright impossible to find today.

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Blackwing Volumes Pencil Sets

Save up to 30% with Blackwing Volumes value packs

Stock up and save on rare and collectible Blackwing Volumes edition pencils that are no longer in production. Long gone, in fact!

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Vintage German Pencils

The Unmatched Legacy of German Pencil Manufacturing

Introducing three new stickers to celebrate the rich history of German-made pencils

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Mitsubishi, Tombow, Colleen Japanese pencils

A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Pencils

A brief history of manufacturing, and what makes Japanese pencils special

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Tombow Mono pencils with Japaense sushi

Celebrating Japanese Pencil Month with New Stickers for Tombow, Mitsubishi & Colleen

I think you’re going to like what’s on the menu for June

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Getting to the Point: Pros and Cons of the Høvel Pencil Sharpener

This unique tool is transforming the pencil sharpening experience… but is it worth the price?

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Eagle Diagraph vintage pencil with sticker

Introducing the Eagle Diagraph X/R Sticker

A new sticker series reserved only for exceptionally rare pencils.

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Bonded Lead brand names for pencils

Mid-Century Marketing: How Bonded Lead Was Branded

The clever and curious names pencil companies once used to describe gluing lead to wood.

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