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Giotto B=1

Brand: FILA

Made in: Italy

While not 25 years old to be called vintage, these pencils are no longer available. In fact the traditional Fila pencils as we no them are sadly no longer made.  Since 1994 F.I.L.A. a policy of acquisitions begins....which means they are acquiring other pencil companies including Dixon, truly sad!

About FILA

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1920, F.I.L.A. stands for: Fabbrica = Factory, Italiana di = of Italian, Lapis = pencils, ed Affini = and related products (pens, erasers, etc.). Today, the F.I.L.A. Group manufactures pencils, paper, and art supplies under a variety of brand names including Dixon, Ticonderoga, Lyra, Prang, and Strathmore.