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Lyrato 666 1 = 3B

Brand: LYRA Pencil Co.

Made in: Germany

Three examples of the 666.  The top mostly likely being the oldest WWII version while the other two are suttle changes but no doubt they went from the gold to the silver embossing print.  NOTE:  The model with the gold print(middle) is available for purchase 


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About LYRA Pencil Co.

Lyra is a German brand owned by parent company F.I.L.A. Group, an Italian corporation. According to FILA’s website, "The origins of the Lyra brand date back to 1806 when Johann Froescheis began producing pencils in a factory in Nuremberg. In 1868, the symbol of LYRA was registered as a brand. The lyre is a musical instrument that accompanied the singers of that period. The reason why the Lyre was chosen remains a mystery but it was presumably because of the high quality of the pencils."