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Mitsubishi HB

Brand: Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Made in: Japan

Clearly an ad pencil from Mitsubishi.  Middle pencil says (Matsushita Electronics), which is actually the Japanese name of Panasonic.  Bottom pencil says “Syayou” 'For company use)  It is also common to find US brand names with company information on the reverse.  When I was a kid growing up just north of D.C. I remember finding a Blasidell Ben Franklin 500 with U.S. Senate on the reverse.  We know where that pencil came from.  Personally I never liked the ad pencils much until recently. I mean if  you're going to have a Ben Franklin 500 in your collection why not a special label on the reverse.  In the case of the Japanese pencils, I really dig the Kanji.

About Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Founded in 1887 and formerly known as Masaki Yomato, Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. is best-known today for its “uni” brand of quality writing instruments sold worldwide. Curiously, this Tokyo-based business is unrelated to Mitsubishi Motors and other brands within the Mitsubishi Group. Same name, same logo, completely different company.