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The Rigi B

Brand: Johann Faber

Made in: Bavaria

Ok, now this was an interesting search result. Searching J. Simpson Dundee and I get the following: Jimmy Simpson signed for Dundee United in 1924 and made his debut at the age of 17 as a wing half. Search "The Rigi" and I get the following: The Rigi is a mountain massif of the Alps, located in Central Switzerland. On the reverse of the pencil it says "Made by Johann Faber - Bavaria."  Perhaps Mr. Simpson started a business and had this pencil made for himself by the well known Faber at the time ... like I said, interesting search.

About Johann Faber

Johann Faber was one of two brothers who spun off their own pencil brands from the Stein, Germany-based A.W. Faber Pencil Company in the second half of the 19th century. (The other, who opened the first American pencil factory, was Eberhard Faber.) Johann left the family business in 1876, however, his company merged with A.W. Faber during the global economic crisis of the late 1920s.