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March 2024: The 36th release in Blackwing’s Volumes series, the Blackwing 710 is a tribute to Jerry Garcia and his fusion of visual and musical expression. A slice of his painting “Curves & Lines” is printed on each pencil, which features our soft graphite that is ideal for both drawing and songwriting.

Blackwing teamed up with Tim Collom to procude a slate notebook and pencil combo.

This Lab was only sold with a notebook, so essentially it is a $30 pencil.

Another airline X, Keep Climbing!

Dec. 2023: The 35th release in Blackwing’s Volumes series, the Blackwing 2 acknowledges art’s role in bringing about change. Each pencil features a cracked glow-in-the-dark design that plays on the duality of art and the challenging realities that inspire it. Each pencil also includes our firmest graphite yet – a special 2X firm graphite formulated specially for this release.

Blackwing released this model on Black Friday 2019, and they limited production to just 12 boxes each of #01 to #159. I spent a year trading with folks all over the world to get these.  I like to buy collections when people cash in.  Nice to receive a new original Black Friday 19 / 78.  Want one?

DEC 2015 The 3rd release in Blackwing’s Volumes series, the Blackwing 1138 salutes A Trip to the Moon and all the things sci-fi. It features a silver imprint and black eraser, the soft graphite found in the Palomino Blackwing and the first silver ferrule on a Blackwing pencil.


R.E.M. + Blackwing reporter-style notepad set with pencil (limited edition).

Started out in the Labs series in a two tone.  Now the blue colored pencil has a new look and is here to stay.