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Blackwing teamed up with New York Magazine to created this limited edition Blackwing X New York Magazine crossword  pencil.  Contains Extra Firm graphite. Want one?

Blackwing and NeoLucida have teamed up to inspire your inner artist with this special edition set celebrating ten years of NeoLucida.  This pencil can comes in three lead hardnesses:  Soft, Balanced & Firm.

SEPT. 2023: The 34th release in Blackwing’s Volumes series, the Blackwing 17 is a tribute to gardening.

Hi, I just traded for a couple of each.

August 2023: Blackwing Eras addition has a retro design inspired by the Van Dyke 601. This pencil features a yellow barrel, dark grey ferrule, red eraser, and firm graphite.

Here we have the original Blackwing 602, celebrated worldwide as one of the finest pencils ever made. Eberhard Faber began producing these black stallions in the mid-1930s and continued through the late 90s (by then owned by Sanford). The 2nd from the top is the holy grail of the Blackwing’s with the sunburst neon painted yellow band. No doubt one of the rarest of all Blackwing’s through its lifetime.

Why are Blackwing pencils so popular … and so expensive? Here’s a blog post about the rising value of the original Blackwing 602. And take a look at two other Blackwing 602 pencils made by Palomino and Faber-Castell.


JUN. 2023: The 33rd release in Blackwing’s Volumes series, the Blackwing 57 is a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat and his boundary-pushing art.