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Early Handmade Groove Pencil

Brand: X - Unknown

Made in: USA

Early hand made pencil. The Early Office Museum's History of a pencil states “The piece of wood into which the leads were placed has a groove about twice as deep as the thickness of the rod of lead. A slat of wood was then glued in over the lead to completely fill the groove.” Describes this pencils construction to a T. Typical for its age, there are no markings on this pencil. The only other circa 1820's - 1840's pencils I know of with no markings are the Benjamin Ball Pencils from Harvard, Massachusetts and I hear some Thoreau pencils. I'm also aware of the William Munroe pencils from the Boston area producing pencils as early as 1812. Could this be a Munroe???

About X - Unknown

I call these “Quazi” brands because I’m not 100% certain which company actually made them. Sometimes the pencils are stamped with a stationery store or maybe even the name of someone famous. But my hunch is they were produced by another company. If you have more information about any of these vintage pencils I would love to know!