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Castell F

Brand: A.W. Faber

Made in: Germany

WOW! Over 110 years old!! Fabulous, unique looking Castell with long ferrule.  Found out through my premier Castell know it all  that these are the first Castell 9000 ever made 1905-1914.  These were made in Germany for export.  The German version had no eraser.

About A.W. Faber

The company was originally established in 1761 when a carpenter by the name of Kaspar Faber (1730-1784) opened a small pencil factory in Stein, Germany. The business was called “A.W. Faber” after his son, Anton Wilhelm Faber (1758-1819), who grew the company into a flourishing pencil manufacturer. In 1900, an heiress to the Faber fortune (granddaughter of Lothar Faber) married a count of Castell and the newly united A.W. Faber-Castell soon began producing a high-quality line of “Castell” drawing and copying pencils. The company has its headquarters in Stein to this day, now operating under the name Faber-Castell with 8,000 employees worldwide.