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J Pencil

Brand: E. Wolff & Son

Made in: England

100 Years Old:  If a true E. Wolff's, then this pencil would be at least form the 1920's if not older.  Both a lefty and a righty in the gallery picture.  Now if these were US brand pencils, I'd say the lefty is the older one. However, they are not and the righty marked Made in England might be the older model.

About E. Wolff & Son

E. Wolff & Son was founded in 1796 with a factory in Neasden, London. There were three separate factories at the time: Aurther Johnson, E. Wolff, and Royal Sovereign. Two closed and consolidated to The Royal Sovereign Co. which moved to Wales in 1947. This factory was later taken over and closed in 2009 by Staedtler of Germany.