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Mohican 417/415 B

Brand: Mohican Pencil Co.

Made in: USA

From what I can tell the Mohican Pencil Company made the Seneca 417 B drawing pencil. Later they changed the Seneca name to that time the unique model number corresponded to hardness of the lead which was also very common in the early drawing pencils. At some point it did not make sensce to change the model number for every different lead degree and it appears they settled on 415 which would have been the old HB lead degree model number. Now the bottom pencil appears with the standardize 415.

About Mohican Pencil Co.

Not a lot is known about the Mohican Pencil Co. Newspaper records show the company filed for bankruptcy in 1940. William Sanderson Furst, a former president of the Mohican Pencil Co., died in 1933 according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Perhaps the Empire Pencil Co. eventually purchased Mohican, as we have seen advertisements for "Empire Mohican Pencils" as early as 1963 ... on sale for 19 cents for a pack of five.