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Overlord 720 + free pencil

Brand: Ruwe Pencil Co.

Made in: USA

Thick, dark extra smooth lead.  OMG.....I discovered some imposters amongst the ranks.  I purchased a partial gross of these pencils many years ago.  Today I discovered 16 of the remaining had a different thinner core of lead.  Oh gosh I wonder how many got sent out over the years.  These pencils are supposed to have a visibly thicker core.  Special Note:  The first 16 purchases will get a free error pencil containing what looks like a standard No.2 core along with the softer, thicker, darker original core.


Hidden GemYou found it! Limit one per customer.


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About Ruwe Pencil Co.

Ruwe Pencil Co. was a small American manufacturer that produced and sold pencils from its headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut. (See the neat old photo postcard below.) In 1988, Florida-based Dixon Ticonderoga Co. purchase Ruwe for $1 million, which was roughly the amount of its annual sales at the time according to newspapers reporting on the deal. That same year Dixon also purchased Shelbyville, Tennessee-based National Pen & Pencil Co. for $6 million.