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Pluvius 352

Brand: L&C Hardtmuth

Made in: USA

Pluvius (Latin) Rainy; with the ancient Romans Jupiter, as head of the pantheon, was viewed and invoked under several aspects, of which this is one: so that there is Jupiter Pluvius (the rain-giver), Jupiter Tonans (the thunderer), Jupiter Fulgurans (the source of lightning), etc., indicating different aspects of the deity as affecting weather.

About L&C Hardtmuth

L&C Hardtmuth was formed in 1790 by Josef Hardtmuth in Vienna, Austria. In 1802 he patented the first pencil lead made from a combination of clay and graphite, and in 1848 the company was moved to the city of Budweis in what is today the Czech Republic. In 1888 they introduced the KOH-I-NOOR pencil, named after the largest known diamond in the world at that time. Today the company operates under the name KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH. Learn more about this company’s fascinating history here.