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“Royal Sovereign” HB 1

Royal Sovereign HB

Brand: Royal Sovereign Pencil Co.

Made in: England

Three variations of the Royal Sovereign. It is my understanding that the top pencil is the oldest and was made under the original E. Wolff's and Sons mark circa 1911 and then the other were made under the Royal Sov. Pencil Co. mark.

About Royal Sovereign Pencil Co.

Founded in 1919, the company was formed as a collaboration between two British pencil manufacturers: The House of Arthur Johnson (est. 1803) and E. Wolff & Son (est. 1796). Many Royal Sovereign pencils bare the mark of Arthur Johnson, and if so will have “Made by The Royal Sov.” imprinted on the reverse of the pencil. Royal Sovereign was acquired by Staedtler in the late 1980s.

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