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Swastika 419

Brand: Eagle Pencil Co.

Made in: USA

With a patent date of June 1906, this pencil not only predates Nazi Germany and WWII, but in fact pre-WWI. The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. (That even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!) Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly used symbol as far back as 1,000 BC.

About Eagle Pencil Co.

The company was originally founded in New York City by the Berolzheimer family, and in 1969 became part of Berol Corporation. Berol was purchased by Empire in 1986, which was purchased by Sanford in 1995 (which is today a division of Newell Brands).