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4 posts tagged with “Palomino”

Blackwing Volumes Adjustable Eraser Pencils

Who’s No.1? Here’s Every Blackwing Volumes Pencil Ranked By Rarity

A new, limited edition pencil is released every 3 months. But some of the older Volumes are downright impossible to find today.

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Blackwing Volumes Pencil Sets

Save up to 30% with Blackwing Volumes value packs

Stock up and save on rare and collectible Blackwing Volumes edition pencils that are no longer in production. Long gone, in fact!

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Blackwing 602 pencil

How much is an original Blackwing 602 worth?

The value (and demand) of this vintage pencil has never been higher.

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Adjustable Clamp Eraser Pencils

Adjustable eraser pencils, past and present

Blackwings and other pencils with adjustable (clamp) erasers are all the rage today. Here’s the backstory on this 100th anniversary of Eberhard Faber’s paradigm-shifting pencil patent.

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