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Colleen 710 HB + Sticker

Brand: Colleen P.Co., LTD.

Made in: Japan

A classic JIS-mark vintage Japanese pencil! This fine writing instrument has a somewhat uncommon look (by Japanese standards) with its yellow body, metal ferrule, and pink eraser. Photo shows the original retro box (not included).

Comes with a free sticker while supplies last! Click the “Sticker” tag below to see more vintage pencils with matching stickers.


NOTE:  Sticker are sold out!


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About Colleen P.Co., LTD.

Founded in 1916, Colleen liquidated its assets in 1997. At one time it was considered one of the big three Japanese pencil manufacturers. Interesting to note that in 1982 Colleen flipped its triangular-shaped logo from right to left, and also changed its logotype to a round gothic font.