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Futura Soft 2

Brand: Richard Best Pencil Co.

Made in: USA

TOMORROW'S PENCIL: In the gallery pic, the top red ferrule is an older hex shape, while the other two are the tri-shape.

The hex-shaped Futura Soft 2 was featured in this neat old advertisement printed in the April 1952 issue of the Rotarian magazine. The ad claims the pencil will save you money because of its “special lubricated lead.” Fascinating!

Note: The Futura Soft 2 is also available as a T-shirt in the BNP Gift Shop @ Etsy.

About Richard Best Pencil Co.

Richard Best Pencil Company, Inc. was a family-run business founded in New York City in 1890 and moved to Irvington, NJ in 1907. Curiously, a 1909 U.S. Congressional record detailing a Senate hearing on the topic of taxing pencil lead refers to the company as “Richard Best Pencil Works.” The company's founder and president, Richard Best, submitted at least two letters to the Ways and Means committee where he argued against increasing tariffs on imported lead because it would ultimately hurt the American pencil manufacturing industry (even though the company did not import its lead). Mr. Best died in 1934. Advertisements for the company in the early 1950s show its headquarters as being in Springfield, New Jersey. Sometime later, Richard Best Pencil Co., along with its patented and iconic Try-Rex pencil shape, was acquired by Lewisburg, Tennessee-based J.R. Moon Pencil Co.

Richard Best wordmark