Falling in Love with Futura

If only we could go back in time. Now, I can only marvel at certain pencils ascending to the very height of desire; capturing the heart of pencil fans worldwide. The Futura is one such pencil that everyone seems to love today.

Softer the pencil, harder to find

With its pink Try-Rex® triangular-shaped barrel and iconic script logomark, the Richard Best Futura was originally sold in five different lead hardness levels: 1, 2, F, 3, and 4.

The softest — and rarest in today’s market — is the Very Soft 1.

Because softer graphite requires sharpening more often than harder pencils do, it makes sense that the vintage Very Soft 1 is the hardest to find in the Futura line. You won’t see many of these in the wild anymore.

Introducing two new stickers for one sweet pencil

Back in the 1960s these beauties were marketed as “Tomorrow’s Pencil.” And now for the first time, the rare No.1 is up for sale here at Brand Name Pencils.

Futura Vintage Pencil Stickers

I couldn’t think of a better time than Valentine’s Day to go Back to the Futura for a couple exclusive stickers. A gift from BNP to you with the purchase of a Futura Very Soft 1, while supplies last.

Futura Very Soft 1 vintage pencil

If you’re looking for a unique gift for that someone special, this hard-to-find pencil and sticker combo is sure to captivate anyone near and dear to your heart. With its smooth graphite and easy grip, the vintage Very Soft 1 is also the perfect instrument for writing I love you the old fashioned way.

If you dare to sharpen it, that is.

May 2022 update: Futura No.2 comes with a sticker, too!