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MONO Kou-Hitsu Sho-Sha Yo 4B

Brand: Tombow Pencil Co.

Made in: Japan

"MONO Kou-Hitsu Sho-Sha Yo" means
to transcribe ideal examples of letters or short sentences with
Kouhitsu in order (especially for school children) to master
how to write practically beautiful letters.

About Tombow Pencil Co.

This Japanese company was founded in 1913 and is still manufacturing fine writing instruments nearly 110 years later.

According to their website, “Tombow (tonbo) means “dragonfly” in Japanese and was often referred to as akizu/akitsu in ancient times. Since Japan was called Akitsu shima (dragonfly island in English) in the past, the name of the company also represents our desire to represent Japan's stationery industry.”