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Tombow 8900 HB

Brand: Tombow Pencil Co.

Made in: Japan

Three variations of the 8900.  In the gallery picture the top pencil has much writing in Japanese and clearly the oldest. The middle model is what the model currently looks like today.(2019 Update:  Scratch that last remark the Tombow logo has changed to a more modern design....of which I don't have. This leaves me with the bottom two which is the front and reverse of the same pencil. The JIS mark indicates that this pencil is older than the current model, but not as old as the top model. NOTE: The bottom two models (front and reverse) of the same pencil is available for purchase.


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About Tombow Pencil Co.

This Japanese company was founded in 1913 and is still manufacturing fine writing instruments more than 100 years later.