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Try-Rex B23

Brand: J.R. Moon Pencil Co.

Made in: USA

The B23 model has the thicker lead like the B21....however the overall diameter of the B23 pencil is only slightly larger than a normal pencil while the B21 casing is considered oversized or a good double the size.

About J.R. Moon Pencil Co.

Established in 1961 as J.R. Moon Pencil Co., this Lewisburg, Tennessee-based manufacturer later changed its name to Moon Products. James R. Moon, the company's founder, was a high school teacher, principal, and coach who also served a short stint as a Tennessee state Senator. He sold the company in 1998 and died in 2002. According to the Tennessean newspaper, Mr. Moon once served as president of the Pencil Makers Association and was also on the board of directors for the National School Supply and Equipment Association. He received prestigious awards from both organizations. The company acquired assets and trademarks from Richard Best Pencil Co., including its iconic Futura line of pencils with the “Try-Rex” shape. Today, pencils from Moon Products are still manufactured and stamped “made in the U.S.A.”, albeit under the umbrella of Canadian mega toy company Mega Brands, Inc.