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Yebisu Drawing 8000 HB

Brand: X - Unknown

Made in: Japan

Yebisu is the god of prosperous business and bumper crops in the Seven Deities of Good Fortune. This pencil was made in 1945, because it is printed "Maru-Ko (Circle-official)" mark and official fixed price (20 sen = 0.2 yen) in compliance with the Price Control Order in 1939. The 20 sen jumped to 50 sen by Feb. of 1946 and 80 sen in August of 46.

About X - Unknown

I call these “Quazi” brands because I’m not 100% certain which company actually made them. Sometimes the pencils are stamped with a stationery store or maybe even the name of someone famous. But my hunch is they were produced by another company. If you have more information about any of these vintage pencils I would love to know!