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Alona No.1-4

Brand: X - Unknown

Made in: USA

I've had the Alona pencils since my school days. Seems like they were commonly around in the early 80's. The 2 3/6 model gives a little more information on the pencil and is obviously older than the others.  Just a quick google search tells me Ginn, Stockett-Fiske Company in Washington, D.C. specialized in office supplies...makes sense now as I lived at the time just 30 miles north of D.C.

About X - Unknown

I call these “Quazi” brands because I’m not 100% certain which company actually made them. Sometimes the pencils are stamped with a stationery store or maybe even the name of someone famous. But my hunch is they were produced by another company. If you have more information about any of these vintage pencils I would love to know!