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Ben Franklin 500 No.3 Medium Hard

Brand: Blaisdell Pencil Co.

Made in: USA

Ben Franklin 500 with blue foil 3.  Loved these as a kid circa 1980.  NOTE:  Two boxes upon opening I discovered they were already sharpened but never used....clearly some overzealous office workers handy work...sharpen a bunch now and when you need one later you won't have to....LOL...I can only imagine.  My loss your gain.  Thus they are being sold as such....good price right!


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About Blaisdell Pencil Co.

Founded in 1893, Blaisdell Pencil Co. was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and had a short stint in England, too. Founder Frederick Blaisdell was granted a U.S. patent in 1895 for the shelf-sharpening paper-pencil. Until about 1946, Blaisdell was the sole manufacturer of a pencil with a string sharpening feature. The company became a subsidiary of Eagle Pencil Company around the 1930s, and eventually merged with Berol.