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Blackamoor BBBBBB

Brand: X - Unknown

Made in: USA

As an adjunct to the book and stationery
a small printing office was
added, and the first step of his real life's
work was taken. Believing that a market
existed for pencil and writing papers
arranged in tablet form, the first experi-
mental lots were made using copper tacks
as a means for stapling the leaves and
back together. The manufacturing plant
at this time consisted of a small Gordon
press and its operator, and a hand power
cutting machine and its operator, plus
the dynamic "Scotch-Irish" push of the
young proprietor. With an abiding faith
in printer's ink and publicity, the little
business grew and prospered, outgrowing
building after building. In 1884 the first
new building of what is now one of
America's model factory groups was
built, five others following as the busi-
ness expanded. Incorporation was made
in 1891 as the J. C. Blair Company.

About X - Unknown

I call these “Quazi” brands because I’m not 100% certain which company actually made them. Sometimes the pencils are stamped with a stationery store or maybe even the name of someone famous. But my hunch is they were produced by another company. If you have more information about any of these vintage pencils I would love to know!