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Mirado Classic 174 2H 4

Brand: Sanford

Made in: Mexico , USA

This pencil has a great family tree. The beginning dates back to 1906 with the Eagle Mikado 174 long ferrule. The Great Granddaddy of the Sanford Mirado. These two are marked with the extra word classic. They also do not have the Sanford mark either. NOTE: The bottom pencil is made in Mexico and does not appear to be exported to the USA as I could not purchase it anywhere here. The bottom model is for sale!


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About Sanford

Over the years, Turquoise-stamped pencils have been produced by Eagle, then Berol, then Sanford (which snapped up Empire Berol in 1995). Today, Sanford produces iconic products such as Sharpie markers, Uni-Ball pens, and Prismacolor colored pencils. The company is a division of Newell Brands.