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Thor 422 No.3 + Sticker

Brand: National Pencil Co. (Shelbyville, TN)

Made in: USA

National made two versions of the Thor: the 422 (pictured here) as well as the 108. Which design do you like the best? I made a friendly bet with a buddy about which Thor will be the best seller during the month of October. Help us settle the score! Both models come with a free sticker while supplies last.


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About National Pencil Co. (Shelbyville, TN)

There have been at least two different "National" pencil companies in the United States. The most commonly found National Pencil Co. brand of pencils was established in Shelbyville, Tennessee (aka Pencil City) by Samuel E. Linton sometime in the late 1920s. This was the same Mr. Linton who founded the Linton Pencil Company in Lewisburg, TN. He died in 1960, and his son by the same name took over. By 1964 the National Pencil Co. was sold to Memphis-based Plough, Inc., a drug manufacturer that had been reselling National’s pencils for 25 years under the name "St. Joseph Nickel Pencil."