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8 posts tagged with “Stickers”

Dixon Ticonderoga Box with Pencils

America’s Pencil: The Dixon Ticonderoga

The big history behind the iconic Ticonderoga.

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Futura by Richard Best Pencil Co.

Falling in Love with Futura

The Richard Best Futura has captured the heart of pencil fans worldwide.

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Lifes a beach

Top 10 of the year

It’s been a big year for Brand Name Pencils! Here are my most memorable moments of 2021.

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Vintage German Pencils

The Unmatched Legacy of German Pencil Manufacturing

Introducing three new stickers to celebrate the rich history of German-made pencils

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Tombow Mono pencils with Japaense sushi

Celebrating Japanese Pencil Month with New Stickers for Tombow, Mitsubishi & Colleen

I think you’re going to like what’s on the menu for June

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Eagle Diagraph vintage pencil with sticker

Introducing the Eagle Diagraph X/R Sticker

A new sticker series reserved only for exceptionally rare pencils.

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Black Oak Pencil with Sticker

Rolling out new (vintage) stickers on International Pencil Day

Celebrating International Pencil Day with a trio of vintage pencil stickers

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Vintage Pencil Stickers on Old Locker

A brand new way to get stuck on vintage pencils

Announcing a new sticker series for some of my favorite vintage pencils

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