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5 posts tagged with “Eagle”

World War 2 scrap metal drive

Paper or plastic? The brief and fascinating history of WWII-era pencil ferrules

World War II changed everything — including how pencils were made in North America.

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Eagle Diagraph vintage pencil with sticker

Introducing the Eagle Diagraph X/R Sticker

A new sticker series reserved only for exceptionally rare pencils.

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Bonded Lead brand names for pencils

Mid-Century Marketing: How Bonded Lead Was Branded

The clever and curious names pencil companies once used to describe gluing lead to wood.

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Old pencil writing on check

Are old pencils worth anything?

Like most things, the answer is … maybe.

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Vintage Pencil Stickers on Old Locker

A brand new way to get stuck on vintage pencils

Announcing a new sticker series for some of my favorite vintage pencils

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